Kylie Jenner Booze and Adults Everywhere

8/11/2014 9:04 AM PDT

Kylie Jenner Partying -- 17th Birthday Party: Booze & Adults EVERYWHERE

Kylie Jenner celebrated her 17th birthday this weekend with all sorts of friends, including 34-year-old rapper The Game ... everyone holding full bottles of liquor.

TMZ posted video Sunday of Kylie  grabbing a bottle of tequila from 24-year-old Tyga. You don't see Kylie actually drink it ... but what 17-year-old turns down good booze?

Then there's the photo Wackstar posted on Instagram ... showing him, Justin Bieber (who's 20), The Game and Kylie all posing ... with Game and Bieber holding a bottle of liquor.  

It's all a little strange.