Corey Feldman Bargain Basement Celeb Divorce Just $750/Month for Kid

8/28/2014 12:10 AM PDT

Corey Feldman -- Bargain Basement Celeb Divorce ... Just $750 a Month for Kid


Congratulations, Corey Feldman -- you're the winner of the smallest celebrity divorce settlement we've seen this year.

According to court docs, Corey and his ex, Susannah -- who've been legally separated since 2009 -- just finalized their divorce ... and he'll be paying her $750 a month in child support for their 10-year-old son.

By comparison ... Charlie Sheen pays more than $100K a month to Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller -- and Eddie Murphy reportedly shells out $60K per month.

Also by comparison ... Corey Feldman hasn't had the success of Charlie or Eddie.

Susannah also gets the couple's 2002 Hyundai ... while he gets their 2001 Mercedes. 

In the docs, Susannah agrees to give back the Feldman name, and return to her maiden name ... Sprague. We're guessing she agreed to that pretty quickly.