Lindsay Lohan Cash For Crash In PCH Accident

9/1/2014 12:20 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan -- Cash For Crash In PCH Accident

Lindsay Lohan's still paying for her past mistakes ... she just reached a settlement with the truck driver she slammed into on PCH 2 years ago ... and we're told there was a financial payoff.

TMZ broke the stories ... Lindsay crashed her Porsche 911S into a semi-truck ... then lied to cops saying her assistant had been driving. The truck driver sued her for mental and physical suffering.

But the case will never go to trial ... because the trucker's attorney, Carrington Snyder, from the Vititoe Law Group reached an out of court settlement this past week with Lohan's legal team.

Terms of the deal are confidential ... but sources close to the negotiations say Lindsay accepted responsibility for the crash and the driver will collect some cash -- not from Lindsay, but from her insurance company.