Ron Jeremy Car Impounded No License, No Ride

9/4/2014 4:20 AM PDT

Ron Jeremy -- Gets His Car Impounded ... No License, No Ride


Ron Jeremy's night could have been a lot worse -- because it turned out he was NOT driving drunk ... however he was driving without a California license, so he got his car impounded. 

The porn legend was pulled over in Hollywood Wednesday night after police spotted him driving erratically. Our photog witnessed police giving Jeremy a breathalyzer test, but he passed just fine. Ron told our photog he doesn't drink at all.

But it turns out Ron only has a New York license (even though he's lived in L.A. for years) so the cops towed his Saturn and Jeremy and his lady friend had to take a cab home.

Before he took off ... Ron gave us a review of the cops who pulled him over.