'Sons of Guns' Hayden Charged With Another Rape... From 22 Years Ago

9/8/2014 11:00 AM PDT

'Sons of Guns' Will Hayden Charged With Another Rape ... From 22 Years Ago

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Will Hayden
's skeletons are running out of the closet ... because another person is coming forward claiming she was forcibly raped 22 years ago at 12-years-old.

The victim -- who is now 34-years-old -- claims she was living with Will at the time because a fire destroyed her home.

According to the law enforcement release ... she claims she and Will smoked marijuana together one night -- and then he allegedly placed his hand over her mouth, laid his entire body on top of her, and raped her.

The woman claims Will told her not to tell anyone ... and she didn't come forward earlier because she didn't know if her family would believe her.

Officials in Baton Rouge have now charged Will with another count of forcible rape ... as he still sits behind bars.

As we previously reported ... Will's oldest daughter Stephanie now claims she too was sexually abused by her father when she was a minor ... and plans on meeting with investigators.