'Love & Hip Hop: Hwood' Star I'm Going Bulletproof Rap Game is Too Deadly

9/14/2014 12:15 AM PDT

'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' Star Mally Mall -- I'm Going Bulletproof ... the Rap Game is Too Deadly


Hip hop producer Mally Mall is pimping his sick ride -- not for style, but for safety -- bulletproofing his Maybach because he tells us there's way too much shooting in the biz these days.

The new "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" cast member says he sent his custom whip to Richie Rich at West Coast Customs for what you might call the POTUS treatment -- full bulletproofing AND bombproofing.

Mall says the windows all have double-pane glass (with the holes to return fire if needed) -- and the frame is layered with steel plates. He says the vehicle virtually indestructible now ... though we'd love to see who was dumb brave enough to test it.

As we first told you ... Mally helped squash the Drake-Chris Brown beef -- but he says recent shootings involving Suge Knight and Chris Brown, and backstage at Wiz Khalifa's show ... made him think it's time for security upgrades.

Carpooling with African wild cats doesn't hurt either.