Lindsay Lohan I Handled Whitney's Dead Body

9/15/2014 6:29 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan -- I Handled Whitney Houston's Dead Body

Lindsay Lohan
 had a run-in with Whitney Houston while performing her community service -- thing is, Whitney was dead.

Lindsay was working at the L.A. County Morgue in her probation violation case a few years back when she came in contact with Whitney's body ... so she tells the Telegraph to promote her upcoming London play. She mused, "It’s different for me than it would be for other people. Like, no one would really have to work at the morgue in LA and roll a body bag for Whitney Houston."

A quick check of the timeline shows Lindsay might not be making this one up. Houston passed away tragically on February 11, 2012 ... and Lindsay did her time at the morgue from October 2011 through March 2012.

It must have been like gazing into her future ...