'Bling Ring' Leader Miley's Burglars Are Idiots!!

9/24/2014 8:49 AM PDT

'Bling Ring' Leader Nick Prugo -- Miley Cyrus' Burglars Are Idiots!


Miley Cryus was burglarized by halfwit amateurs who had no business breaking into the star's home -- this according to one of the masterminds of Hollywood's Bling Ring robberies.

Nick Prugo -- who served prison time for his famed string of celebrity heists --  tells TMZ he's not impressed by Naomi Charles and Tylor Scott ... who said the Bling Ring inspired them to break into Miley's house.

Prugo calls them "morons" ... and says if they learned anything from the Bling Ring, "it should've been that stealing is wrong and karma always comes back around."

Hindsight -- Prugo's is pretty good.