NBC Dr. Nancy Snyderman Ebola Quarantine Violation Got Maid FIRED

10/15/2014 3:59 PM PDT

NBC Dr. Nancy Snyderman -- Ebola Quarantine Violation Got Local Maid FIRED


NBC Medical Correspondent Nancy Snyderman caused a maid to get fired ... and it's all because Nancy violated her Ebola quarantine by taking a drive to a local restaurant.

Turns out the chef at The Peasant Grill near Princeton, NJ -- where Nancy went last week to grab some grub -- is the brother of Vilma (she asked us not to use her last name), who works as a maid in town.

After TMZ and other media reported Nancy's breach ... people in the town panicked. They were concerned because Nancy and her crew were all in contact with a cameraman who contracted Ebola, and one of the guys in the quarantined crew went inside the restaurant to pick up food.  

We've learned 2 homeowners who had been using Vilma for years freaked out because they feared her brother might have exposed her to the virus. So the 2 homeowners told Vilma she could no longer work with them ... until further notice.

Local health officials say they investigated and there is no risk anyone who was in the restaurant would contract Ebola. But clearly not everyone believes them.

Snyderman has never accepted personal responsibility, blaming the crew for the quarantine violation, even though she was right there in her Mercedes at the restaurant...