Teresa Giudice Prosecutor Says No Way You Louse To Half Way House

10/21/2014 9:47 AM PDT

Teresa Giudice -- Prosecutors Say NO WAY You Louse ... To Half Way House


Teresa Giudice wants to go only half way when it comes to serving her prison sentence ... but prosecutors are now saying over their dead bodies.

Giudice is asking the judge for mercy -- to allow her to serve most of her sentence in a half way house. But we just obtained a letter prosecutors sent to the judge ... vehemently objecting ... claiming the judge made it clear she needed prison punishment, and nothing less.

Teresa had sent a letter to the judge -- which we also obtained -- in which she seems to say she has a right under a law called The Second Chance Act to spend 12 out of the 15 months in the half way house.

But prosecutors say the law doesn't give convicts the right to have their punishment watered down, so all her bellyaching should be ignored.