Vanessa Hudgens The Guy's Not a Stalker It's an African Thing

12/5/2014 12:50 AM PST

Vanessa Hudgens ... The Guy's Not a Stalker ... It's an African Thing


Vanessa Hudgens
-- with the help of her sharp lawyer and the LAPD -- just reached what may be the best resolution ever in a stalking case ... a case with a culture clash.

TMZ broke the story ... Vanessa's lawyer, Shawn Holley, got a temporary restraining order against a guy who traveled from his native Africa to L.A. with a goal ... to marry her.

The guy sent Vanessa a bunch of emails, including, "I love you and wanna marry you.  I WRITE SCREENPLAYS. I wanna become a movie star." He also said, "God gave me a penis to make you feel like you never did everytime when we'll make love."

He caused enough alarm to get the attention of LAPD detectives, who went out to serve him with the temporary restraining order.

Now the big turn. We've learned the cops thought he was a decent guy. We're told the guy was "extremely apologetic," saying he was from another culture and had no idea he was being harassing or annoying.

So our law enforcement sources tell us the cops went to Shawn Holley and debriefed her. Holley had a decision to make -- a hearing was scheduled Thursday to make the restraining order permanent. 

We're told Holley ended up calling the guy and reached the same conclusions as the LAPD. She got him to sign an out-of-court binding agreement promising he'd leave Vanessa alone, or else.  

Happy ending. Vanessa is fine, and the man is happily in film school.