Dr. Phil Sued By Guest He Made Me Look Crazy!

1/9/2015 9:01 AM PST

Dr. Phil Sued -- Guest Claims, He Made Me Look Crazy!


A man who says a detective planted crystal meth in his home and appeared on Dr. Phil's show, has filed a lawsuit claiming the good Doc made him look mentally ill. 

Matthew Barasch says he appeared on the show a year ago to talk about stalking. Barasch believes he's a victim at the hands of cops and others.  

Barasch says the show had a second theme -- mental illness and paranoia, but he says he told producers the only way he'd participate was if they didn't make him look delusional.

He says the show was cut to make him look crazy, so he's suing for $100 million.

A rep for Dr. Phil tells TMZ ... "We stand by our broadcast. This guest was treated with the utmost dignity and respect, and every effort was made to help him find some peace in his life. We believe the attached clip speaks for itself. We will vigorously defend this frivolous and baseless lawsuit and will pursue dismissal and our attorney fees."

Check out the clips and judge for yourself.