Bobbi Kristina Alleged Drug Dealer Friend 'I Had Nothing To Do With It'

2/4/2015 8:30 AM PST

Bobbi Kristina -- Alleged Drug Dealer Friend: 'I Had Nothing to Do with It'

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Bobbi Kristina's friend who is now accused of being a drug dealer is lashing out, saying he's being smeared --  that he's a savior, not a pusher. 

Max Lomas claims through his lawyer ... he's a witness in the Bobbi Kristina tragedy, not a suspect. As TMZ reported, cops initially believed drugs were involved and family sources tell us police actually found drugs during the second search of her home.

But Lomas' lawyer says authorities have not pointed the finger at his client and he is fully cooperating with the investigation.

Lomas' lawyer also notes his client has pled not guilty to the drug charges from his January arrest. It's somewhat interesting ... he's not saying Lomas is innocent. Cops say they found more than 5 ounces of weed and 1000 baggies under his bed.