Justin Bieber My Anger's in Check But I Can't Pick Up Trash

2/10/2015 10:12 AM PST

Justin Bieber -- My Anger's in Check, But I Can't Pick up Trash


Justin Bieber has been taking lots of anger management classes recently but he hasn't done a single hour of community service because of a soccer injury ... so says his lawyer.

Attorney Shawn Holley was in court Tuesday morning for a progress report in his egging case. Justin has completed 9 out of 12 anger management classes.  As for his 5 days community service, Holley said Bieber screwed up his foot and couldn't pick up trash or remove graffiti.

You'll recall, Bieber screwed up his foot during a soccer game last month in Turks and Caicos. Holley submitted a doctor's note to satisfy the judge.

According to the probation report, obtained by TMZ, the probation officer wrote a report saying, Bieber "has displayed a cooperative attitude and has expressed a sincere desire to be more diligent in complete anger management and community labor."   Bieber was supposed to attend 1 anger management session per week, and he's fallen short.

Bieber is on 2 years probation for egging his neighbor's house. He's already paid the dude $80,900 for the damage.