Rick Ross RedFoo Screwed Sky Blu Out of LMFAO

2/12/2015 12:45 AM PST

Rick Ross -- RedFoo Screwed Sky Blu Out of LMFAO


Rick Ross wants to squash his legal beef with LMFAO, but he claims RedFoo is holding up talks by bossing around Sky Blu -- just like he did when the group broke up ... according to Rick.

In new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Ross says he's trying to get everyone in one room to discuss settling the lawsuit he filed against LMFAO last year for allegedly lifting his lyrics in their hit "Party Rock Anthem."

The meeting is set for later this month, but in the docs Ross says RedFoo is keeping his old partner (and nephew) Sky Blu in the dark about the sit-down. Further, Ross says Sky trashed his uncle in a deposition, where he said the real reason LMFAO broke up was RedFoo's refusal to keep him in the loop.

Ross is worried RedFoo is trying to cut Sky Blu out of whatever agreement they might reach in this case. He's demanding all parties attend the meeting in person.

In other words ... bring Sky Blu, or we're through.