Dr. Luke Prove The Abuse ... Turn Over Kesha's Medical Records

3/27/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Dr. Luke -- Prove the Abuse ... Turn Over Kesha's Medical Records


Dr. Luke is demanding Kesha produce medical records to prove he repeatedly sexually and physically abused her ... but the pop star is begging the court to shut down his request.

According to the docs ... Kesha's ex-producer wants her to turn over all texts, emails, and any communications in which she may have accused him of abuse, drugging or date raping her on a private jet.

Kesha says providing that info would be a waste of time ... since she's asked a judge to toss Luke's lawsuit against her. But until there's a ruling ... Dr. Luke's pressing forward.

He also wants any and all records from Kesha's 2014 rehab stint. Presumably, he thinks they'll help prove her allegations are all a fairy tale.