Patrick & Miley Let's Do Brunch!

4/2/2015 2:12 PM PDT

Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus -- Let's Do Brunch! (PHOTO)

Exclusive Details

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus put that whole "Patrick flirts on Spring Break" thing completely behind them, and went out Thursday afternoon for brunch.

Patrick and Miley are regulars at the popular Studio City joint Hugo's (order the Papa's Eggs, thank us later) and according to an eye witness ... Miley ordered up their famous Green Juice. 

You'll recall they also hooked up for sushi last week -- so, it's 100% smooth sailing again. 

Our spy says they came together (Patrick drove), stayed about 45 minutes and Patrick was in full-on boyfriend mode, opening doors and the like. 

Getting out of the dog house takes work.