DMX Accused in Gas Station Cash Grab

4/6/2015 6:00 AM PDT

DMX -- Accused in Gas Station Cash Grab

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Rapper DMX is being accused of making an unwanted withdrawal at a gas station, but not from an ATM ... from some random guy!

A 21-year-old guy told police in Newark, NJ he encountered X early Sunday morning at an Exxon station. The guy told cops he had a brief convo with X -- about rap music -- when suddenly a member of X's entourage flashed a gun and demanded the guy's money. 

For some reason, the alleged victim had $3,200 on him in cash, which he claims X grabbed before getting back into his car and speeding away. 

So far no charges have been filed. 

DMX did have a show in the area on Saturday night -- but his rep denies he robbed anyone, and tells us his lawyer will work to clear his name.