Russell Crowe You've Been Struck By My Smooth MJ Impression

4/8/2015 7:00 AM PDT

Russell Crowe -- You've Been Struck By ... My Smooth Michael Jackson Impression

Exclusive Video

Russell Crowe got prank called by Michael Jackson so often ... he can now do a pretty good impression -- and he uncorked it for our us in D.C.

Russell was heading into the premiere of his new flick, "The Water Diviner," and our photog, Colin, asked about his recent revelation that MJ busted his balls for 3 years with harassing fake calls -- think, "Is Seymour Butts there? How about Hugh Jass?" 

Crowe tells us they'd actually shoot the breeze after the prank, and he was obviously listening closely to Michael. Watch the clip ... pretty funny to see Maximus using an MJ voice. 

He also talks about his near miss at Neverland.