Richie Sambora Off The Hook for Alleged Threats Against Ex-Girlfriend

5/6/2015 1:51 PM PDT

Richie Sambora Off The Hook for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Ex-Girlfriend


Richie Sambora's alleged death threats against his ex-girlfriend were really just a huge misunderstanding between the gf and a publicist -- so he will not be charged.

Nikki Lund had claimed Sambora pointed a gun at her and was physically abusive before they broke up, but she never reported it ... according to the L.A. County D.A.'s office.

Lund claims she only went to police recently because her publicist heard from a friend that Sambora had threatened to throw acid in her face. But prosecutors say the publicist told investigators he only warned her "bad things" could happen in a bad breakup -- and Lund just misunderstood him.

Prosecutors also say emails and texts between Sambora and Lund back up his story -- that the whole mess was really an argument over a business deal. 

Case closed.