Danny Trejo Some Old Lady Crashed Into Me!

6/9/2015 2:36 PM PDT

Danny Trejo -- Some Old Lady Crashed Right Into Me! (PHOTOS)


Danny Trejo emerged unscathed from a gnarly looking car crash Tuesday afternoon -- and he's blaming a little old lady for causing the wreck.   

Trejo tells TMZ he was driving in Chatsworth, just north of L.A., when a woman (he's guessing around 70 years old) made an illegal left turn in front of him. DT's sweet ride -- a Caddy El Dorado -- crashed into her car, and she ended up getting the worst of it.  

Trejo, who is 71-years-old himself ... says there's little damage to his car, but hers got torn up. More importantly to the "Machete Kills" star ... he says no one was injured, they exchanged info, and went about their way. 

Trejo was in such good spirits after the crash, he posed with paramedics and police.