Snoop Dogg MC's Daughter's Sweet 16 Quit Texting, Start Dancing Kids!

6/23/2015 3:25 PM PDT

Snoop Dogg -- MC's Daughter's Sweet 16 ... Quit Texting and Start Dancing Kids!


Even Snoop Dogg has to fight like hell to keep teenagers' attention -- as he found out when he got on the mic for his daughter's Snooper (yeah, we said it) sweet 16 party.

Cori Broadus and her friends were like most teens at the Monday night bash -- heads buried in their phones, avoiding the dance floor ... even though papa Snoop was urging them to get up and party.

Fear not though -- Snoop found the right old-school jam to got everyone going. Watch the vid ... Snoop's mix, and some shirtless male dancers ... helped keep the floor packed. 

One thing never in doubt -- Snoop had a blast ... as always.