Terrence Howard Testifies I Used to Do Coke, Ecstasy and Smoke Weed With My Ex-Wife

8/17/2015 12:28 PM PDT

Terrence Howard Testifies -- I Used to Do Coke and Ecstasy With My Ex-Wife


Terrence Howard said under oath he's a changed person after divorcing Michelle Ghent, but when they were together he fell into the dark world of drugs.

Howard testified he and Michelle would often smoke weed and do cocaine and ecstasy together. He also said they watched a lot of porn. 

Terrence says all that has changed since they split ... he said, "I refuse to get high, I refuse to watch porn." 

Howard and Ghent have been fighting over his spousal support payments. She is angling for more money, claiming $5,800/month payments don't cut it and he needs to pony up more money based on his recent success with "Empire."

Howard has claimed he only agreed to the settlement because she blackmailed him with threats of releasing naked photos and videos.