50 Cent Dumped TV Consultant Because of KKK Pic Consultant Calls BS

9/25/2015 9:33 AM PDT

50 Cent Dumped TV Consultant Because of KKK Pic ... Consultant Calls BS


50 Cent claims he fired a consultant he had hired for TV projects because the guy sent a picture of the KKK to a member of his staff, but the guy says he's getting a bad rap, and he sent the pic to underscore his feelings against racists. 

50 is suing Andrew Jameson for allegedly making a secret deal for a 50 reality show. There was talk of putting the show on E! or BET. In his lawsuit, 50 attaches exhibits ... in particular texts messages from Jameson that 50 found offensive.

One of the exhibits has to do with Jameson lobbying a member of 50's staff to put a white woman on the reality show he was pitching for 50. He and the staffer were talking about putting a particular white woman, who worked for 50, on the show.

According to the texts, the staffer told Jameson the white female would never want her face on BET.

Jameson sent a text back with a picture of a KKK rally, with the caption, "Okay. Hmm. but not judging." 

50 claims he saw the pic and let it be known he wanted to get rid of Jameson.

But Jameson tells TMZ, the picture was the opposite of racism. He was making the point that the woman who wouldn't appear on BET was the racist. Jameson says, "I apologize for sending this text, which in very poor taste sought to comment on the type of person who would not work with others based on their race."