Fetty Wap Album Release Turn Up ... With Pressed Apple Juice??

9/25/2015 1:53 PM PDT

Fetty Wap -- Album Release Turn Up with Pressed Apple Juice??


Fetty Wap's party for his new record was filled with strippers and champagne bottles popping everywhere -- is what you'd expect, but instead it was a low-key affair with fruit-garnished cocktails.

Fetty's celebration went down Thursday night at the famed Marble House in Tribeca ... a $65k rental complete with an indoor pool, theater and game room.  

Obviously, there was plenty of Remy 1738 cognac ... but the high-end cognac came with cold-pressed cranberry juice, Red Bull and blueberries. Pretty fancy for Fetty and his Remy Boyz posse. 

There was also something called a Three Double 0 -- Remy V with cold-pressed apple and lemon juice with a touch of club soda, garnished with a slice of lemon.

At least they served the chi chi drinks in red Solo cups. Instant street cred.