Fetty Wap Pushes the Limits on Motorbikes

9/28/2015 10:10 AM PDT

Fetty Wap -- Pushes the Limits on Motorbikes (VIDEO)


Fetty Wap has no fear of riding dangerously when he's on a motorcycle, which was evident during a recent music video shoot -- and a possible warning of what was to come.

Fetty was at Platinum 84 Gentleman's club in Denver on Sept. 14 ... with Chris Brown and French Montana, and spent most of the day riding a dirt bike for the music video. 

Sources on set say Fetty was riding carelessly, even when they weren't recording -- zipping between people and vehicles while doing tricks without a helmet.

Of course, riding on a set is different from the open road, but we're told it was clear Fetty is an extremely confident rider. 

Cops are still investigating this weekend's accident in Jersey, but law enforcement sources tell us it appears Fetty is at fault for the crash.