Jimmy Iovine's Ex-Wife Creepy Fan Thinks He's My Son ... Wants a Loan Too!!

10/15/2015 4:29 PM PDT

Jimmy Iovine's Ex-Wife Has a Creepy Fan ... Thinks He's Related, Wants a Loan!!


Music mogul Jimmy Iovine and ex-wife Vicki got hit up for $50 grand from their son ... or at least an obsessed fan who seems to think he's their son.

According to docs, Devante Nevels flooded Vicki's email, cell phone and social media with annoying messages. One in particular ... "Mom can you call me Im going to jail tomorrow for 15 days, Hopefully I get out Idk."

Nevels also attempted to dip into the Iovine family fortune by asking for $50,000 ... but at least it was a loan. We're sure Nevels -- whose Facebook alias is Jameslong Changelong -- is totally good for it.

Vicki reported Nevels to the LAPD ... which eventually got a search warrant for Nevels' Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Law enforcement sources tell us Nevels was not arrested though, because the messages didn't meet the criminal criteria for harassment. Translation: At this point, he's annoying as hell, but not dangerous.

In fact, we're told Nevels still contacts the family from time to time.