Ray J Breakfast Blowout!! ... I'm Calling Cops

10/15/2015 7:33 AM PDT

Ray J -- Breakfast Blowout ... I'm Calling Cops! (VIDEO UPDATE)


8:00 AM PT -- Police helped squash the beef in the restaurant, but sounds like there's fresh beef now. We're told Ray J called the tow truck for his car, but it's unclear why.

What is clear is the tow truck driver thought Ray J was 5150! We're told he called police back to the scene to deal with Ray.Ray J's early morning bacon and eggs turned into a 911 emergency, with his Mercedes-Benz coupe hanging in the balance!

Here's what we know ... Ray J and some friends rolled into Kitchen24 in Hollywood sometime before 6 AM. Far as we can tell he was working late in a recording studio.

The problem started when the bill came. Law enforcement sources tell us cops got a call from an employee who said Ray was refusing to pay his tab. They also got a call from Ray who said his server refused to give him a receipt.

Now there's a standoff ... the manager is allegedly holding Ray's car keys, a tow truck's been called, and cops are on the scene.

Unclear why Ray J would be so into his receipt. Tax write-off?

Story developing ...