Kevin Hart Actor and Crew in Strip Club Melee Waitress Stiffed

10/20/2015 12:50 AM PDT

Kevin Hart and Crew in Strip Club Melee ... Phone breaks, Waitress Stiffed


11:00 AM PST -- Kevin just tweeted, "I threw the guy's cell phone because he was being disrespectful ... I'm really mad my little ass didn't throw it further."

Kevin Hart was smack in the middle of a melee outside a Canadian strip club over the weekend, and it ended with a shoving match, a broken cell phone and a pissed off waitress who got stiffed.

It all started with hired muscle ... Kevin and his bodyguards were leaving the club and apparently pushed through the crowd to make their exit. House security at Quebec's Le Pigale were none too pleased and pushed back.  

The bodyguards scuffled with Kevin in tow and it ended up in the street, where Kevin apparently didn't like a fan filming the action, so he grabbed the cell phone, threw it and broke it. You see it clearly in the video.

And speaking of the video, you'll see a ticked off waitress who approaches Kevin's SUV, angry that Hart didn't pay the $65 bill. The SUV left, as the waitress walked back empty handed.

The strip club manager says Kevin's a good guy, it was all a misunderstanding and he'll cover the tab.