'Game of Thrones' You Can Own The Tyrion Mask Sansa Slobbered All Over

10/24/2015 12:20 AM PDT

'Game of Thrones' Fans: You Can Own The Tyrion Mask That Sansa Slobbered All Over


"Game of Thrones" fanatics now have the chance to own a one-of-a-kind Tyrion mask ... and the best part, it's been licked by Sansa. 

Landon Meier, the mask's creator, tells TMZ he made the mask for Comic-Con and wore it there. Somehow the mask ended up at a party with a ton of 'GOT' actors. 

To Landon's surprise, he woke up the next day to see a picture of Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark giving the mask a licking. Landon says to this day the mask hasn't been washed and the facial hair where Sansa licked is still parted.

Meier has the mask up on eBay and he's asking for at least $5,500 ... current bidding is at $500.