Mathew Knowles The IRS Wants My Bills, Bills, Bills

10/27/2015 12:20 AM PDT

Mathew Knowles: The IRS Wants My Bills, Bills, Bills


Mathew Knowles is holding seminars on how to make it big in showbiz ... maybe the first lesson should be: PAY YOUR TAXES, because the feds are after him again. 

Uncle Sam just bitch slapped Beyonce's daddy with a $220,000 tax lien. Seems in 2013 he taught a lot of people how to become the next Bey but didn't give the U.S. government its piece of the pie.

It's not Mathew's first run-in with the IRS ...  the grand total has now swelled to more than $1.4 mil. 

Sometimes teachers need to take a lesson from themselves.