Casey Kasem Kids Win $2 Million Life Insurance Policy

11/2/2015 2:12 PM PST

Casey Kasem's Kids Win $2 Million Life Insurance Policy


Casey Kasem's kids won a big battle with their dad's widow -- they're getting to cash a life insurance check that Jean Kasem tried to keep away from them ... TMZ has learned.

Casey's 4 kids, 3 from a previous marriage, and his widow had been fighting over who gets one of two $2 million life insurance policies he left behind after his death in June 2014. One for Jean, and the other for a trust in the kids' names.

But Jean pleaded with the insurer, MetLife, to hold off on paying the kids because she claimed they could have contributed to Casey's death. She wanted an investigation, and our Kasem family sources tell us the kids made a similar claim against Jean. 

For its part, MetLife wanted a judge to decide who got the money.

The judge ruled in the kids' favor, saying the trustee is the sole and rightful beneficiary. Jean's $2 mil policy was never in dispute, though it's unclear if she's been paid yet.