Riff Raff Sued Landlord Says He's True to His Name

11/2/2015 5:04 PM PST

Riff Raff Sued: Landlord Says He's True to His Name


Riff Raff is a tenant from hell according to his landlord, who's filed a lawsuit claiming the rapper is a deadbeat and a human wrecking ball.

The landlord says R.R. owes him $68,500 for unpaid rent and lots of damage to a house that sounds like a mini-amusement park, complete with a 40 gallon fish tank, an original Vegas casino $.05 slot, a green pool table which converts into a ping pong table and a lot more.

It's unclear what he damaged ... we're hoping it's not the ivory 8-piece sectional or the 2-piece black and red sectional.