'Bachelorette' Star Ed Swiderski Sue You, Landlord ... I Didn't Trash My Pad!!!

10/15/2015 12:30 AM PDT

'Bachelorette' Star Ed Swiderski I Didn't Trash My Pad!!!


Former 'Bachelorette' contestant Ed Swiderski says he got screwed out of his apartment security deposit because his landlord is blaming him for $12,000 worth of damage!

Ed and his wife Natalie moved out of the pad in Chicago's West Loop this past July, and he says they left it exactly the same way they found it -- minus reasonable wear and tear -- but never got back the $3,700 security deposit.

According to the lawsuit, Ed's landlord, Robert O'Bryan, tagged him for the following: 

-$100 for missing chandelier crystals

-$60 for missing parking remotes

-$1,500 for fixing 5 doors with dog scratches on them

-$1,150 for a new carpet after he found dog feces and urine stains on the old one

-$4,950 in repainting costs ... all things the landlord says aren't "regular wear and tear."

Those are just the highlights, there's much more, but Ed says it's all BS since he cleaned the place, and a new tenant moved in the very same day he moved out.

O'Bryan tells TMZ the damage he found during inspection was "shocking," and thinks Ed is being ungrateful. He says he was willing to just take his deposit, and eat the rest of the damage ... which would have been more than $9k. 

Ed and his wife are suing for $11,100 -- 3 times their deposit.