Michael Lohan I Got Burglarized!! And Where There's Smoke There's Kate

11/5/2015 3:38 PM PST

Michael Lohan: Cops Called For Burglary ... And It Smells Like Kate


Cops rushed to Michael Lohan's Florida home for a suspected burglary, and we've learned he's pointing the finger at his estranged wife, Kate Major.  

We're told Michael's mom, who's been staying at the house with Lohan's two kids, was out running errands Thursday and when she got back it appeared someone had been inside. The biggest clue was cigarettes.

We're told Kate smokes Camels and there were butts on the lawn, and a pack in the kitchen. A back closet was left open and items were missing, so Michael's nanny called the cops. 

Law enforcement tells us they were called out for a burglary, but because Kate's name is on the lease, no charges will be pressed even if she did break into the house.