Kate Major Keep Michael Lohan Away Once He Returns My Maserati!

11/5/2015 12:40 AM PST

Kate Major: Keep Michael Lohan Away ... Once He Returns My Maserati!


9:30 A.M. PST -- Michael tells TMZ he's the one who paid for the car. In fact, he claims he's been supporting Kate for years, even before they were married.Kate Major is keeping the war with Michael Lohan alive by getting a restraining order against him ... but before they cut ties, she wants her car back. 

According to the docs obtained by TMZ, Kate wants Michael to stay 500 ft clear of both her and the Boca Raton school their older son attends.

Kate wants radio silence, but only after Michael returns her Maserati ... she wants the judge to order him to hand over the keys STAT.

Kate also wants spousal support ... $1,000 a week, or $2,000 every other week. She wants child support as well but doesn't say how much.

In her docs ... Kate describes emotional and physical abuse at Lohan's hands. As we reported, police rejected her claim that Michael slapped one of their kids. 

Kate got a temporary stay away order. There will be another hearing later this month, where the judge will decide whether to extend the order.

The judge told Kate to take up the money stuff with the family court.