Gwen Stefani I Never SAID I'm in a Relationship With Blake, But ...

11/10/2015 10:10 AM PST

Gwen Stefani: I Never SAID I'm in a Relationship with Blake Shelton, But ...

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Gwen Stefani's trying like hell, for some reason, to make it seem like she's not dating Blake Shelton -- even though she clearly is

Gwen was on San Diego's Channel 933 'Frankie and Geena Morning Show' Tuesday, and they asked if her new album featured any songs about her "new relationship." Surprisingly, Gwen responds by saying, "I never said nothing about being in a new relationship."

She added that her kids are now asking about Blake, and she doesn't sound cool with it.

Thing is ... it was indeed Gwen's team that confirmed they're dating -- and, of course, she and Blake were holding hands at a party in Nashville last week.

Maybe Gwen sees a diff between "dating" and "relationship."