Scott Weiland Bizarre Concert Demands ... Let the Booze Flow

12/5/2015 1:00 AM PST

Scott Weiland: Bizarre Concert Demands ... Let the Booze Flow


Scott Weiland had semi-strict rules in place to prevent him from falling off the wagon during his tour, but there was a gaping hole in the plan.

TMZ got hold of a backstage rider from Weiland's management team, which requires "sober stage hands" for his shows.  

Members of the Wildabouts got a full stocked bar in their dressing rooms -- everyone except Scott. They got whiskey, vodka and beer. Here's what's curious ... the rider says Scott gets a bottle of Pinot and a bottle of organic vodka.

Scott was a hardcore addict and just about every respectable addiction expert out there says addicts should stay away from drugs and alcohol. It's weird Scott -- who fought a losing battle for much of his adult life -- was provided booze that could trigger a relapse.

Our sources say the no-drug policy was jettisoned once the band was on the road, and that explains how cocaine ended up in Scott's bedroom on the tour bus.

The apparent relapse was underscored by accounts we got from some big musicians, who say Scott was "drunk texting" them over the last few days of his life.