Tyrese Wins Lawsuit Over ... Book About Ailing Mother

12/7/2015 5:14 PM PST

Tyrese Wins Lawsuit Over Book About Ailing Mother


Tyrese just won a huge case against the woman he blasted for taking advantage of his mother -- a verdict that will save him $83,000!

Cynthia Banks wrote a book about Tyrese's mother and her struggles with alcoholism. Tyrese didn't support the project and publicly shamed the author ... who then sued him in Texas for defamation. She initially won a judgement in the case because Tyrese never responded.

Tyrese fought that ruling by filing to have the judgment tossed, and he won it on Monday. He was going to have to pay Banks $83k ... but now he's off the hook. 

Tyrese went to Dallas for the verdict, but had to leave his mother's hospital bedside. We're told she's currently in critical condition ... and on a ventilator in an L.A. area hospital.