2 Chainz I Just Smoked Santa

12/9/2015 10:22 AM PST

2 Chainz: I Just Smoked Santa Claus!

Exclusive Details

2 Chainz beat ol' St. Nick to the punch this year by hooking up a young fan's family with a house full of new furniture.

A disabled vet named Deirdre Plater is raising 2 kids on her own near Atlanta, and one of them is a die-hard fan of 2 Chainz ... the kid even learned "I'm Different" on piano and trumpet. 

The family had fallen on hard times, and didn't have any furniture. 2 Chainz caught wind of this from Mark Barnes, who runs the local Boys & Girls Club and mentors one of Deirdre's kids. 

2 Chainz didn't only buy them furniture ... he showed up at their home to surprise them with it. New bedroom set, new dining room table and new living room suite! 

Chainz says he's also paying the family's rent for the next year! The surprise reveal was one of those major holiday warm fuzzy moments.

Time to step up yo' game, Santa!