The Game My Lawyer's Like ... Freakin' Michael Jordan in Court

12/9/2015 10:28 AM PST

The Game: My Lawyer's Like Freakin' MJ in Court


The Game scored a small legal victory because he and his lawyer are the '95-'96 Chicago Bulls of the L.A. court system ... at least that's how Game sees it. 

As we previously reported, Game's facing a slew of criminal charges for punching an off-duty cop during a rec league basketball game -- and for allegedly threatening 2 guys who served him in that case.

During a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, one charge of criminal threats got dropped, and another threat charge was reduced from felony to misdemeanor. 

He's still facing assault and battery charges -- and the case will continue later this month, but for now Game's really satisfied with his attorney, Charlie Unger. A regular Jordan and Pippen, they are ... according to the defendant.