Kim Richards Committed to Sobriety

12/15/2015 1:55 PM PST

Kim Richards: Committed to Sobriety


Kim Richards is doing well in her fight to stay clean and sober, but a judge wants to make sure she doesn't backslide. 

According to new court documents, Richards has been steadily attending AA meetings since September -- as the court required. She's attended 52 meetings.  

Back in April, she had a drunken incident at the Beverly Hotel ... then was arrested for shoplifting at Target in August. The judge sentenced her to 300 hours of community service, 3 years of probation, and the 52 AA meetings. 

The judge is now requiring her to continue attending at least 1 AA meeting per week. As we first reported, she's also back shooting 'RHOBH' ... so, this is definitely as good as Kim's been for a while.