Kelly Rutherford Judge Fears She'll Abduct Kids

12/16/2015 1:00 AM PST

Kelly Rutherford: Judge Fears She'll Abduct Kids


Kelly Rutherford lost custody of her 2 children because the judge feared she'd abduct the kids from Monaco, never to return again. 

Rutherford lost custody of the children in August to battled ex-husband Daniel Giersch, who is a resident of the country. In a written ruling, obtained by TMZ, the judge said there was "a strong risk of the children's abduction and retention in the United States" -- translation, there was a big chance she'd flee with the kids.

Fact is ... Kelly did do something similar a few months ago, where she refused to return the kids to Monaco after they visited her during the summer.

The judge laid down the law and said not only would Daniel get custody ... Kelly could only visit her kids in France and Monaco.