'Star Wars' Disney Warns Luckiest Moviegoers Keep Your Traps Shut!!!

12/16/2015 10:42 AM PST

Disney Warns 'Star Wars' Moviegoers ... Keep Your Traps Shut!!!


Disney honchos went to great lengths during the previews to protect what could become their most valuable asset -- 'Star Wars.'

Everyone who was invited to see the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" was wanded when they entered the theater for any devices that might capture images or audio. They were all told to surrender their cell phones at the door.

Media reps all received an email before the event, which read in part, "In order to give audiences around the world the opportunity to enjoy Star Wars: The Force Awakens to its fullest and allow them to discover its surprises and plot twists in the cinema, we respectfully ask that you as press continue to be our partners on this journey, and we ask that you refrain from revealing spoilers and detailed story points in your coverage, including social media."

The embargo has now been lifted and the message to the media is clear ... don't be a jerk and ruin the movie.