Meek Mill Nicki & Friends Show Support ... Judge Ain't Buyin' It

12/17/2015 10:23 AM PST

Meek Mill in Court: Nicki Minaj & Friends Show Support ... Judge Ain't Buyin' It

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Meek Mill is facing the judge Thursday -- with Nicki Minaj by his side -- in his probation violation hearing -- and so far, it's not sounding great for him.

Meek's attorneys are calling character witnesses to the stand ... some calling him a "role model," others saying he's humble and that he and Nicki make a great couple. Another witness said Nicki is in a great position to help Meek and the city of Philadelphia.

You'll recall, at last week's hearing ... Nicki told the judge she could keep Meek on the straight and narrow.

So far, the judge doesn't seem swayed. After one witness sang Meek's praises ... she said, "This court has done nothing but try to help the defendant."

Meek's on probation for a 2009 drug and gun conviction -- and allegedly violated it by not reporting travel to his probation officer, and cheating a drug test.

Testimony continues. Stay tuned ...