Master P Dishing 'Tha Most' Love Advice ... FOR PLAYBOY!

12/18/2015 2:56 PM PST

Master P Dishing 'Tha Most' Love Advice ... for Playboy


Master P's found a silver lining to all his marriage drama -- he's going to host and produce a relationship/sex talk show on Playboy Radio.

We found out P signed on the bunny to do a show called "Doin' Tha Most" -- and he'll be dishing advice about sex, love, and possibly marriage. It's an interesting hire since Master P's been locked in a messy divorce battle for nearly 2 years. 

But you gotta figure after all court dates, spousal support battles and restraining orders ... he's probably learned plenty -- about what to do or NOT do. 

A rep for Playboy Radio says the show's set to premiere in late January.