Stitches Tattoo Removal Company Offers To Fix His Face

12/19/2015 9:45 AM PST

Stitches: Tattoo Removal Company Offers To Fix His Face


A tattoo removal company wants to put a smile on Stitches' face ... other than the permanent Joker-style one he already has.

TMZ has obtained a letter from LaserAway to Stitches -- the nation's leader in ink removal is offering to erase the rapper's face tats pro bono. Why? According to the letter, they feel badly ... the guy's had a rough couple of weeks.

LaserAway isn't being stingy either -- the gift is valued at $10k. Which seems like an accurate estimate since his mug is covered with an assault rifle, a spider and the phrase "F*** a Job".

We're unsure if he'll accept the gift ... but we do know he'll be able to handle the pain. He's used to his face stinging by now.