Meek Mill No Plans to Shoot Drake ... It's Just Rap

12/29/2015 12:22 PM PST

Meek Mill: No Plans to Shoot Drake ... It's Just Rap


Meek Mill has no master plan to take out Drake ... despite their ongoing beef over Drake's alleged ghost-writing lyrics. It's an issue because of some leaked lyrics suggesting otherwise.

Sources close to Meek tell us he was not referring to Drake in  "Dreamchasers 4" -- "I can't wait until we run into ya. Ima put a gun in ya."

We're told Meek is insisting he wasn't talking about anyone in particular ... it was just a lyric.

We're told Meek is trying hard to stay on the straight and narrow because he's under a microscope in his probation violation case.

Meek might have considered ... a better idea would not be to threaten gunfire, even in a rap song.