Mel Gibson Arresting Cop Still on the Hot Seat ... 9 1/2 Years Later

1/12/2016 12:40 AM PST

Mel Gibson: Arresting Cop Still on the Hot Seat ... 9 1/2 Years Later


The L.A. County Sheriff's deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for DUI back in 2006 is still being aggressively pursued by his superiors ... nearly a decade after TMZ broke the story. Fact is ... he was investigated, fired, reinstated and now there are 2 more investigations.  

The brass at the Sheriff's Dept. has long believed Deputy James Mee leaked the 4 pages of his arrest report to TMZ ... 4 pages that contained line and verse what Mel Gibson said about Jews being responsible for all the wars in the world ... among other things. Mee was ordered to remove the info from the final report.  

The Sheriff's Dept. got a search warrant against Mee, accused him of various misdeeds and started disciplinary proceedings against him. He was fired in 2012 for allegedly lying about a pursuit and the Dept. said it had nothing to do with the Gibson arrest.  

The Civil Service Commission decided in Sept. the Sheriff's Dept. had no basis for firing Mee and reinstated him. But we've learned, although he's getting paid again, he hasn't been at work a single day ... and that's because the Sheriff's have launched 2 separate, new investigations.

As we reported when we broke the 2006 DUI story, the Sheriff's Dept. repeatedly and strongly denied Mel said anything disparaging about Jews or anyone else, until we obtained the 4 pages that were taken out.   

The Sheriff's Dept. says there is "an ongoing Internal Affairs investigation," and the Peace Officers Bill of Rights requires confidentiality.