Brendan Dassey's Brother Taking My 'Making a Murderer' Rap to Prison

1/13/2016 12:30 AM PST

Brendan Dassey's Brother: I'm Taking My 'Making a Murderer' Rap to Prison

Exclusive Details

Brendan Dassey is now getting a stronger defense than anything he got in court -- in the form of a rap about the "Making a Murderer" case, written by his half brother.

Brad Dassey is an up and coming Christian rapper who cut the track 2 days ago, after he got pissed about Brendan and Steven Avery's prosecution while watching the Netflix series.  

"They Didn't Do It" is loaded with jabs at the authorities like, "Not a fair trial, not a fair game. Whole thing's wack, just a lying shame."

It might not be award-winning, but it's from the heart. Brad says he worked on it for 10 straight hours. This is personal for him on several levels -- he's been hounded because of his last name, and says he got fired from his DJ gig when Brendan was convicted.

Brad's planning to go to Green Bay Correctional Facility so Brendan can hear the song, but since the prison doesn't allow smartphones ... he'll have to perform it live.